Join a team working to restore the planet.

Nature can’t remove excess carbon in the Earth’s atmosphere fast enough on its own. Want to help us build something that can?

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Meet some of our team

“It’s inspiring to work with people equally dedicated to addressing climate change. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of progress we are able to make in short amounts of time.”

Founding Mechanical Engineer

“I enjoy working cross functionally with teammates who are similarly motivated by our mission. Everyone is easy to work with and wants to help each other succeed.”

Chief of Staff

What we value

Mission-driven, impact-focused

We are laser-focused on the problem we need to solve and making progress towards it on a daily basis.

Unquenchable curiosity

We seek to always understand more about the world around us – not because we are told to, but because we feel driven to.

Outcome-focused creation

We do not have time for invention for the sake of inventing, but we embrace novelty that leads us to achieving a specific goal or outcome.

Trust and responsibility

We give each other freedom to get our jobs done. We feel responsible to each other and the planet for delivering on that job.


We stand for something larger than ourselves, and we take our commitment to truth and transparency  seriously.

Optimism rooted in first-principles

We have high hopes for the future and know what’s possible, but we root everything we believe in fundamentals to stay grounded.


Reversing climate change is not an easy job to sign up for, and we are always ready to fight tooth and nail for the future of our planet.

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