Not all carbon credits are created equal.

Noya’s carbon removal solution pulls excess CO2 from the atmosphere on timescales that meaningfully address climate change.

What makes Noya’s carbon credits different


We remove CO2 on the same timescale that emissions stay in the atmosphere.


Our operations are reviewed by third-party auditors to verify every step of the process.


The flow of CO2 is precisely tracked to accurately measure your removals.

High Quality

Credits from Direct Air Capture with geologic storage allow you to credibly reach net zero targets.

Our approach

Noya has developed a scalable, cost-effective carbon removal solution, providing reliable and truly impactful carbon removal credits.

Modular Design

Our system is designed with components that can be easily substituted or repeated to produce a larger system, allowing us to iterate quickly and reduce costs.

Novel Capture Materials

Our sorbent materials are affordable, readily available, and optimized for carbon capture, allowing us to scale quickly and cost effectively.

Lower Energy Demand

The activated carbon monoliths that form the support for our capture chemicals can be heated directly, allowing for rapid cycling and minimal energy loss.

Flexible Siting

Our Direct Air Capture system can be built nearly anywhere around the world. This allows us to find the best partners (and lowest costs) as we start deploying.

Be part of the solution to rebalance our planet and remove carbon from the atmosphere

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