Noya Raises $11M Series A to Accelerate Carbon Removal Deployment

April 11, 2023
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Noya has raised an $11M Series A led by Union Square Ventures and Collaborative Fund. This investment will allow us to hire new team members, expand testing and manufacturing capabilities, and deploy a first commercial pilot later this year. As part of their investment, Fred Wilson from USV and Sophie Bakalar from Collaborative Fund have joined our board. We’re thrilled to have them with us for this next phase of Noya’s journey.

"Carbon removal is critical for the planet to meet its climate targets,” says Fred Wilson, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures. “We believe direct air capture can become the leading way to perform carbon removal, and Noya’s low capex, high modularity process can become the leading direct air capture approach. USV is thrilled to support Noya through its future scale-up and growth.”

“At Collab, our mission has always been to bring planet-improving technologies out of the lab and into the mainstream,” says Sophie Bakalar, Partner at Collaborative Fund. “What Noya is doing is building a technological foundation for global sustainable change. DAC is one of the most promising pathways to scale affordable, high-quality CDR, and they’re scaling this technology at a rate we’ve never seen before. We’re excited to be working alongside them and Fred as we embark on what is a truly world changing climate journey.”


We’re also excited to announce the signing of our latest carbon removal agreement. This multi-year deal with a confidential university endowment will help this leading university’s endowment reach their sustainability goals with high-quality, permanent carbon removal credits.

Noya’s Direct Air Capture projects are additional and remove CO2 from the atmosphere on timescales that meaningfully address climate change. But it’s not enough just to make these claims. That’s why we’re developing a scientifically-rigorous, ISO 14064 compliant methodology and will have third-party validation of our methodology and certification of production of carbon removal credits.

If you’re looking to incorporate carbon removal purchases into your sustainability plans, please reach out and let us know how we can help.


Not every startup is fortunate enough to raise a Series A, let alone in the current fundraising environment. We’re beyond grateful for the support we’ve received in the last few years while building Noya.

To our team of Noyans: thank you for everything you do to accelerate the world’s transition to carbon negativity — we’re continually inspired by your passion and your dedication to the work we do.

To our early investors: thank you for believing in our vision for low-cost Direct Air Capture and for supporting us at every step.

To our first customer, Shopify: thank you for believing in us and for all the work you do to catalyze the carbon removal industry.


We’re taking on one of the biggest problems anybody could be working on and we need your help. From engineering to research to operations to sales, we have an exciting list of new roles we’re hiring for. We will continue to add new roles over the next few months too, so stay tuned to our careers page.

Read our full Series A press release here.